Eternal E Mech Board of Directors


Mr. Paurik Trivedi  
Managing Director


Mr. Paurik Trivedi Having Bachelors degree in Com. Master in Business Administration, Paurik trivedi has joined the company as director of the group in 2013. he always had boldly accepted marketing as a challenge particularly in recessionary phase and had successfully proved to be a visionary in marketing. he has also proved himself to be a successful administrator adopting the modern methods of management and projects conceptualization as well as its implementation.





Mr. Pathik Jayswal


Mr. Pathik Jayshwal has been the motivation factor behind quick growth of Eternal E Mech. Under his guidance the company has carved its niche as leading Sales and Service Provider in the field of Power equipment Field. with an indefatigable spirit to excel in this business domain, he made Eternal to establisher itself as a major player in the market. His costumer approached has been an asset for the company of which company is proud of. with his sheer dedication to serve the customer, eternal have kept peace with the quality conscious market. because of his efforts & precisely for these reasons, Eternal E Mech has been Recognised as one of the most trusted names among weasel generators suppliers company in india.


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